Friday, April 23, 2010

You should make this for dinner

I could see this being a regular post on my blog. Recipes that I've found that were delicious & easy & should be shared. They do have to hit on a few things that I look for in finding good recipes.

• Fairly healthy - we're not trying to be fat-free or vegan at our house but we definitely want to make an effort to develop healthy eating habits.

• Super easy/not time consuming - Jeff & I both work full time and have 2 boys under 3. I don't think I need to explain this section much further.

• Can be made w/ most of what's in my pantry - I like to try new things but don't always want to shell out money for weird ingredients. It just depends.

• Passes the FELLA test. (aka Jeff & Charlie like it) - If they like it I'm happy. If it passes their test then I put it on an index card to file away so that when those days come where I'm blank w/ what to make I go look at those cards.

My box of parchment paper has been in my drawer so long I think they've changed the packaging on the new ones in the store. This was a good excuse to use it. I need to get more fish into our diet and I found this one in Martha's Everyday Food magazine. This pic is from Martha's website. And believe it or not - your food really comes out looking this pretty.

This was super easy and fun to make. I think I was drinking a glass of wine, playing cars with Charlie & putting this together all at the same time. My kinda cooking! (on some nights anyways)

I actually cooked this longer (20 min) b/c I like my salmon cooked thru. The beans came out a little dry - so I think next time I'll blanch them like the other readers said. (I really like reader comments on recipes - it usually helps)

The flavor really was wonderful. The salmon was perfect - even the beans were tasty despite being a little rough. Put this one in your file.

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