Friday, April 16, 2010


I really didn't think this day would come. The doorbell rang at 7:30am this morning...and Sal was here with the countertops!!!!! It's killing me that I don't have my camera here to document this glorious day. (who starts a blog and then her camera goes into the shop???) But the countertops are in and they are going to drill the holes for the pretty faucet with sprayer & soap dispenser. We are officially fancy.

Steve comes tomorrow to hook up the sink/faucet plus a number of other things we've been patiently waiting to update. A fan for Ben's room so he doesn't overheat this summer, a new schoolhouse light pendant for the kitchen, and a brand spanking new disposal. It's crazy that I get excited about this stuff.

In all this anticipation, I've updated our kitchen vision a tiny bit. (Like I don't have anything else to do.) This tool keeps me focused so that I don't drive my hubbin crazy.

I think this is the shot in the arm we needed to start cranking on those butter yellow cabinets and turning them into pretty white ones. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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