Thursday, March 24, 2011

New designs for Minted

I'm not going to lie. I was pretty bummed out about not getting any designs to shine in the last Minted contest. RATS! I came home from work pretty GRUMPY! Just ask Jeff. (and secretly super down on myself) It's a super tough contest because there are some AMAZING designers. I have tons of design envy right now.

So what does one do when they get a big giant smack-down? One puts themselves right back in the running to get smacked again!!! ;)  Ha ha ha - I kid. I kid.

Actually - I'm not really kidding. I really am throwing myself into the sea of these crazy awesome designers. (what am I thinking???)

Personal goal - to get a design to have my own personal best score.

Worst thing to happen is that nothing gets in and I don't get a personal best. At least Easter is really around the corner and I can eat a LOT of chocolate to get out of the funk. PERFECT!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's not often we get to say that. Seeing that the KITCHEN took about a BA-ZILLION years it seems like Charlie's room was done in a flash!

I went back & forth on whether the chalk board wall was going to be worth it or not. Seeing as this is what my little artists created within 1 day of being able to draw on it, I think it was worth it.

Lightening McQueen stickers (wall decals) on order from Target.
(uuuggghhhh - I really hope he gets over that fast)

Plan is to get & make some more flags to put over this window.

(Roman shade to come for this window)

Charlie is prob instructing me where to move stuff. 

Believe it or not - the chalk wipes off easily w/ a damp washcloth.

Jeff is a rockstar - that's all I have to say. That, or he's addicted to removing wallpaper now. (as he's already started on our room!)

My task will be to rearrange the furniture and toys in C's room and get it in working order. We are planning on getting bunk beds - but that won't be till the fall. (please please hurry up & open IKEA!)

Until then... WE CHALK! 

Monday, March 21, 2011


It's SO NICE to be working on something other than the KITCHEN!
(I need to post finished pictures)

Charlie has been patiently waiting for his "Lightening McQueen" room. (EEKS)
Jeff & I have had our work cut out for us accomplishing this idea with out really making it an McQueen room. I know the movie Cars 2 will come out this summer - and Charlie will GO CRAZY. Hoping that this idea suffices.

Work in progress....

Magnetic chalk board wall ;)

Has to dry for 3 full days..... you have no idea how many times I have busted young C sneaking in chalk. This morning I noticed chalk on the collar of his t-shirt - meaning he'd stuffed it under there thinking I wouldn't notice.

This wall will be ORANGE.

This fabric will make a roman shade on the chalkboard wall.

(let's be honest - aka - sweet Jeff is almost done)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Funnnnn Stuufffffff

Happy Friday!

I'm busy busy busy desiging for more contests & stuff. (*glup - still haven't heard anything) ;) Got some fun birth announcements in the werks. (HA-u know who you are) AND... have a big wknd planned!

First - this is FUN! I can't wait to show Charlie & Ben and get them hooked on TYPOGRAPHY!

Speaking of ZOO's ... I think we are headed this weekend to this even @ the Denver Zoo. They are having National Thai Elephant day on Sunday. You have no idea how many pieces of broccoli that C&B have taken down b/c they think they are eating "Trees" just like the elephants. 

I've never uploaded a video before. This video is 3 min long and well... you know who are the stars of it. Soooo view @ your own risk.


I am sooo obsessed with this fabric. I don't know if  it's the graphic designer in me that is so in love w/ this trellis or what. Needless to say it's a smidge too expensive for moi. (HA) 


(home & garden)

I am thinking these for my first attempt at making curtains. What do you think?


Monday, March 7, 2011

Treasure hunt... now over for table!

I have a giant passion for "hunting for treasure" in fun places like estate sales, antique stores, thrift shops, and garage sales. It's rather addicting. (and garage sale season is right around the corner!) Ever since we had Charlie (3.5+years ago) I've been on the hunt for a little kids table. Wood. Used. Well-used, actually!

I really do like some modern ones - but I am trying very hard to buy as little "new" as I possibly can. Just seems nicer to the environment - not to mention my pocket book.

All week - a voice in my head kept saying "you need to go check out the shop on N. Wadsworth, like, RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Finally - I had a day where I could get out @ lunch and I headed up there. I barely turned the car off when I spotted the lil' table & sweet chair! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

Of course - the negotiations needed to happen. I had a price in mind - but when the owner offered me $10 less that what I was hoping for it was ALL I could do to keep my big mouth SHUT. (I don't have much of a poker face) I took it. And it's already been well received at home.

What I didn't anticipate at home is how much it's disrupted our "dinners" (not that the monsters ever sit at the table like perfect angels). They usually start @ the little table - and then see us @ the big table and we have to move them both over. Whatever works so that they eat, right?!? Uhg.

I'm still looking for 2 more chairs - the less they match the better. And I'm also on the hunt for a great mirror for above the fireplace. I always have to have something to hunt for. You need me to look for anything??? ;)

As you can tell - the table is a BIG HIT! It got a thumbs up. That's big time, folks.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Minted - the shower contest!

I told ya - showers, showers everywhere!

I'm throwing myself into the ring again (gulp) w/ some new designs in the latest Minted Design Challenge. (gulp, again)

Some designs you may recognize. Some new - some old - some refreshed. It's fun to go back to designs and re-work. It's fun to see them take on new looks.

There are some super dooper talented designers that have submitted great designs. Go to and you can vote for your favs. Winners will be sold on PERFECT!

March... the start of shower season!

Eeeeks. It's just to darn exciting to shower up your favorite people!

Here are a few designs that are being sent out as we speak!

Thank you, ladies!


We've been trying to get Charlie up on ski's since he was born and finally got up on the hill over Presidents day weekend!

The skies were classic Colorado blue-bird and the weather was pretty darn fantastic!

I'm really not sure who had more fun??? Ben or Charlie. Ben stomped around like he OWNED Solvista.

This first run was a bit tricky - I'm not sure who learned more, Daddy or Charlie. ;)

Just because this guy didn't have skis didn't mean he was going to miss a thing!

He just marched up that bunny hill to see what the heck his big brother was doing.

Getting those ski legs figured out.... and luckily still liking it.

It was soooooo bright - we had to get this guy some shade. These lovely lenses were the last ones available in his size. I think he rocked 'em!

Tap! Tap! Tap! (funny how many things a lil' guy has to figure out)


We had a great day!!!