Thursday, March 24, 2011

New designs for Minted

I'm not going to lie. I was pretty bummed out about not getting any designs to shine in the last Minted contest. RATS! I came home from work pretty GRUMPY! Just ask Jeff. (and secretly super down on myself) It's a super tough contest because there are some AMAZING designers. I have tons of design envy right now.

So what does one do when they get a big giant smack-down? One puts themselves right back in the running to get smacked again!!! ;)  Ha ha ha - I kid. I kid.

Actually - I'm not really kidding. I really am throwing myself into the sea of these crazy awesome designers. (what am I thinking???)

Personal goal - to get a design to have my own personal best score.

Worst thing to happen is that nothing gets in and I don't get a personal best. At least Easter is really around the corner and I can eat a LOT of chocolate to get out of the funk. PERFECT!

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