Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm cleaning...

which means I'm procrastinating on WORKING/DESIGNING/BLOGGING/MOPPING.

I think I could swiffer ON A DAILY BASIS and it would be worth it. Then I swiffer so much that I run out of energy to MOP.  Sometimes I get energy to scrape pieces of dried banana off the floor. (apparently Marley doesn't like banana)

I got a little gift this morning - it's called the little people slept til 7 & 8 am respectively.
Therefore I got a few things done. (ahem - procrastinated some more)

I've been wanting to order up 2 of these for Miss Marley.

I picked this fun green one. (and the orange one on sale)

You stuff them with your old clothes, towels, blankets, stuffed animals... it's the perfect solution to the super expensive stuffed doggy beds. (I love them...but I'm not paying $250 for one. My sheets aren't even that expensive!)

Even the logo is cute.
Of course I bought 2 because 1 was on sale. 
I've had a pile of clothes ready for a stuff sack...just never purchsed. See how
fabulous procrastinating can be? I've been doing it all day.

This didn't help today, either.

A friend from work sent me this blog - all about this couple & how they are renovating their house themselves. I'm addicted. Ggggrrr....

Crazy person that I am - I loved every single thing on this blog. Time sucker.

Back to scraping banana off the floor! Poor Cinderella... she needs a glad of wine.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


New valentines day cards - now up on PHOTOCARDSDIRECT.COM!!

Go check 'em out!!!!



Friday, January 21, 2011

Helper @ work

Sooo much for getting caught up on this blog today. I had a "helper" in the office.

We spent a bit of time giggling in my office playing w/ Photo Booth. ;)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow'd IN!

Well... maybe my last post was some of a *sign* as to what was ahead for me!? Jeff & I had the day off together (rare) and we decided to go skiing in Winter Park for the day. That quick day-trip turned into about a 36 hr mini-get-away / sorta freak out / back to back ski days for us! (SANS LITTLE PEOPLE!)

Due to adverse weather conditions and a missing snow boarder (RIP - oh gosh my being stuck seems so insignificant) Berthoud pass & I-70 closed. We were forced to call the grandparents (THANK GOODNESS THEY WERE IN TOWN!) and have the keep the fellas for the night b/c we were NOT making it home.

Then of course the next day - it was still snowing and the pass was still closed. So we had no choice but not to ski again. I really can't remember the last time I skied back to back days. CRAZY.

AND... of course I didn't have my camera. But you really don't want to ski a shot of me trying to ski thru trees & down Drunken Frenchman that my lovely husband took me down. You really don't.

Needless to say - I'm behind behind behind on some updates. Those are coming.

• a wonderful baby shower
• sneak peek at some Christmas designs for 2011 holiday season! (it's right around the corner - HA!)
• weddings, weddings, weddings! YIPPEE
• more house updates....

Until then... cop a squat and have yourself a good day!


Friday, January 14, 2011


Have you seen this site?

I only have a 4 pack this year. Gotta make it count!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Already thinking about 2011???


But really.

I am.

Christmas 2011.... it's right around the corner!

Here is a lil' sneak peak......