Wednesday, February 29, 2012

He's HERE!

Excuse me while I dote on the newest member of the family a while...

Isn't he cute?
Feb. 28th @ 8:13 am
6 lbs 15oz
Cameron Calloway Lowell
Nice work Sasa and Anroo.... we love him already!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Favorite Minted Art Prints

I have about 20+ designer girl-crushes @ Minted. Here are some of my fav. prints that I will have to agonize over about which to get.

frolic - nicciola design

globetrotter - ERAY

modern botanical - kelli hall

sea fever - linda and harriett

I would have put up several more ... but something is up with the wireless connection.
I feel like I'm dialing up like those turtles on the Comcast commercials.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Color Palette

I had to look that word up - PALETTE - as I trip over the spelling/versions All. The. Time.

Help me choose some COLORS! I am very excited to share a little art work that will soon be available on Minted recently had their first ever "Untitled: Art Print Challenge" and over 1400 pieces of amazing artwork were entered. All they asked was to create something that you would want on your wall. And so I did!

Hooray! My "special day pattern" was chosen. 
I really need to be better at coming up with better names for my work.

Now I need to come up with some alternative color ways. Can you help me choose?
Let me know what your favorite 2 color ways are. 
Pretty please.

The above are inspired by J.Crew. I have an obsession with their colors lately. I wish I had
won that giant lottery so that I could have spruced up my spring wardrobe.

These 2 are paintings that I like A.LOT. A.LOT. A.LOT.

And then the original. 
Thank you for helping me pick! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Crossing fingers & toes

My sister & brother in law are currently doing everything possible to get their baby to head south. That little baby has cuddled up sideways and hasn't moved for a few months. I am pacing and procrastinating and doing everything I can .... BUT I AM SOOOO EXCITED to get a little niece or nephew I can't stand it.

If it's a girl... did you see these cute dresses coming to THE GAP? 
DVF / Diane Von Furstenburg. I've always wanted one of her wrap dresses. PLEASE make them in my size.

If it's a BOY.... well do I technically even have to shop? They will be getting C&B's hand-me-downs.

Before hair cuts.

After haircuts (and suckers).
I just love their long hair ... despite the fact that I still get comments like "Oh you have such a cute GIRL!"  HA HA

Working working working on:

Finishing the freakin' Steve Jobs book. (I just get so tired and when I lie in bed it just sits on my stomach and I fall asleep before I can even open it up!)
Minted - Women's stationery challenge happening....
I absolutely LOVE how it gets the creative energy going.
Here are some submissions.
You might notice that some look familiar. It's been fun to create new AND re-purpose. ;)

Kay. Better get to work.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Beyond HAPPY!

For one, it's a snow day! Charlie & Ben were up & in their snow pants before 8am! I am thankful for my parents who live nearby that they can play today. Schools may be closed, but work isn't! 

Found out yesterday that this design was an editors pick for

(translation: very very very happy!)

While I submitted a lot and was a tad bummed more didn't get picked someone on their forum put it into perspective for me. Over 800 design entries were submitted. Of that, 20 got picked as winners. An additional 86 were picked as Editor's Picks. Holy Schmoly that a lot of designs and I am tickled that Pink Hippo got one. YAY! YAY! YAY!

I have to work on some color options.... what should I choose?!?!?!?
I like this type of decision making.
It's like deciding if I want the chocolate cupcake or the red velvet or maybe the strawberry.