Thursday, February 16, 2012

Color Palette

I had to look that word up - PALETTE - as I trip over the spelling/versions All. The. Time.

Help me choose some COLORS! I am very excited to share a little art work that will soon be available on Minted recently had their first ever "Untitled: Art Print Challenge" and over 1400 pieces of amazing artwork were entered. All they asked was to create something that you would want on your wall. And so I did!

Hooray! My "special day pattern" was chosen. 
I really need to be better at coming up with better names for my work.

Now I need to come up with some alternative color ways. Can you help me choose?
Let me know what your favorite 2 color ways are. 
Pretty please.

The above are inspired by J.Crew. I have an obsession with their colors lately. I wish I had
won that giant lottery so that I could have spruced up my spring wardrobe.

These 2 are paintings that I like A.LOT. A.LOT. A.LOT.

And then the original. 
Thank you for helping me pick! 

1 comment:

mrs chux said...

i like 'painter's pallette' best :)