Friday, February 10, 2012

Crossing fingers & toes

My sister & brother in law are currently doing everything possible to get their baby to head south. That little baby has cuddled up sideways and hasn't moved for a few months. I am pacing and procrastinating and doing everything I can .... BUT I AM SOOOO EXCITED to get a little niece or nephew I can't stand it.

If it's a girl... did you see these cute dresses coming to THE GAP? 
DVF / Diane Von Furstenburg. I've always wanted one of her wrap dresses. PLEASE make them in my size.

If it's a BOY.... well do I technically even have to shop? They will be getting C&B's hand-me-downs.

Before hair cuts.

After haircuts (and suckers).
I just love their long hair ... despite the fact that I still get comments like "Oh you have such a cute GIRL!"  HA HA

Working working working on:

Finishing the freakin' Steve Jobs book. (I just get so tired and when I lie in bed it just sits on my stomach and I fall asleep before I can even open it up!)
Minted - Women's stationery challenge happening....
I absolutely LOVE how it gets the creative energy going.
Here are some submissions.
You might notice that some look familiar. It's been fun to create new AND re-purpose. ;)

Kay. Better get to work.

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