Friday, February 3, 2012

Beyond HAPPY!

For one, it's a snow day! Charlie & Ben were up & in their snow pants before 8am! I am thankful for my parents who live nearby that they can play today. Schools may be closed, but work isn't! 

Found out yesterday that this design was an editors pick for

(translation: very very very happy!)

While I submitted a lot and was a tad bummed more didn't get picked someone on their forum put it into perspective for me. Over 800 design entries were submitted. Of that, 20 got picked as winners. An additional 86 were picked as Editor's Picks. Holy Schmoly that a lot of designs and I am tickled that Pink Hippo got one. YAY! YAY! YAY!

I have to work on some color options.... what should I choose?!?!?!?
I like this type of decision making.
It's like deciding if I want the chocolate cupcake or the red velvet or maybe the strawberry.

1 comment:

Penny Lane said...

definitely Navy and Yellow. Other popular colors of weddings (that I am going to soon) are eggplant purple & grey. Congrats!!