Monday, May 24, 2010

While you wait...

A friend sent me this story. It was too cute not to share!

And while I get my photos uploaded - you should check out this place!
It's perfect for all your creative crafting. They're having a SALE!

They have gorgeous printed paper. I can't get enuf!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Can't believe 3 yrs ago today we got to meet you!

This poppy bloomed the day you were born. (and bloomed on your 1st bday, too!)

We sat here having breakfast wondering if the contractions were the real thing. (loved that backyard!)

Um, DUH, you were a week past your due date. It was you!

Family of THREE!

Now look at ya! ;) LOVE YOU CHA-CHA!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


First off - we have made it thru half of May. PHEW. We've had Mothers day, an Anniversary (see pic below of my treat from Jeff. Charlie wanted to cover up the flowers so that they weren't cold.) and a Birthday. (Jeff's was yesterday...) And a sleepover in Boulder with Moxie.

Thats only the 1st half of May.

Tomorrow is Charlie's 3rd birthday!!! We are having the family over and we're gonna have pizza & cake, both requests from the birthday boys.

We have managed to make a little progress. SEE!?!?! Two cabinets are actually PAINTED WHITE!
I won't let myself count how many more we have to go. There are 5 doors in the basement that only need 1 more coat - so that might actually happen in the next day or so. We could have 7 cabinets completed by the end of May. That makes me so happy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Custom Stationery

Got an idea that you want to see in print?
Let us know! 

Miss Audrey told us that her family likes to fly in their plane. She wondered if we could make a plane that looks like theirs and had a banner attached with the family's names on it. I said, SURE!!!!!

Take a peek & let me know what you think.

I think it turned out just adorable.
Thanks Audrey!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm not Martha Stewart...but....

I thought these pics were fun. A little inspiration peek for the bachy wknd in San Diego. In my mind I have all the time in the world to whip up cute stuff like this. In reality...I just look at pretty pictures of this stuff and pretend I got it all done. I dream of having an assistant. And an assistant for my assistant. There's a lot to do.

But a girl can still dream. Aren't these boxes so cute? I wish when I tied bows they looked this nice.

And I just want to eat like this all the time. I don't remember where I got this picture. I'm sorry. 

It's prolly a good thing that I don't live near a Dunkin Donuts. I *heart* munchkins.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. Hooray it's here again!

5 years

It was a great day!!!!
I was a lucky lady to marry this man 5 years ago today!
Every day has been amazing. Lots of good times.
Lots of good smiles. I'm so lucky.

Now guess who's turn it is??? Heh Heh
Can't wait for another fun wedding in August!
We might have to recreate this picture. Tee hee

Thursday, May 13, 2010

These days are special

And it's just flying.
To do lists are huge.
The house is full of projects.
The events are piling up.
The terrible THREES are in full swing.
The diapers are endless.

But these pictures make me smile.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hold, please...

My goodness is it B U S Y!!!!! If you saw me right now you'd say "bless her heart!" You know how they say that in the south cuz you just are a sweet mess??? Well, that is me this week.

I had the BEST mothers day. And then I had the next day off of work. I wish I could say it was filled w/ mani/pedis & massages & a long lunch with wine. It was actually filled with Charlie's hair cut, Ben's 9 mo appointment (he weighed in @ 17lbs 5.5 oz), a quick pop into the new Nordstroms rack, leftovers, wedding invite comp made & delivered, a run around Wash Park, grocery store & the wine store. PHEW!

THEN...real work has decided to not give me any free time to breathe. keep you busy...I need to share this blog.  This is just plain fun.

You can read about Tory Burch. I had no idea.

And you can read about our fav Sandy Bullock. FUN!

Thats all I had time for - so if you come across a good one, SHARE IT for pete's sake!

More to come. Just as soon as I can find my brain. I must have left it somewhere....


Friday, May 7, 2010

Made it another week

I have been crazy busy. PHEW! And sadly I have nothing to show for it. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to share with you some sneak peeks of the wedding invites that I've been working on. But you know that whole "gotta keep it a surprise" bride thing. Can't be doing that. So you probably think I've just been lazy and posting pics of my boys instead. I SWEAR I'VE BEEN CREATING!!!!!!!!!!

I just finished some matchy-matchy thank you cards to go with this cute shower invite I did for Jennie. Thanks, Jennie!!!

Like every Friday - I am making my to do list. But this time I'm making it my MUST-DO list. Life is short people. Get this S**T of my list so I can play.

The back splash is being grouted today. So I'll put up photos of the finised product this wknd. (I think I forgot to put that on my to do list)

I'm totally going to do this: Tracy Anderson Method
Hello!?! I'm sure I'll look like this by Memorial Day weekend. If Gwyn & Madge can do it - I'm sure I can, too.

Right after I do that I'm going to meet my friend Susie here: Trompeau Bakery We need to catch up. Chocolate Almond Croissants totally help.

I'm looking forward to spending time w/ my fellas on Mother's Day. It's supposed to be beautiful.
We're going to an early dinner at Osteria Marco. I can't wait to have a wonderful glass of red wine and eat their meatball sliders with Charlie.

I hope you all have a great weekend, too!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mothers Day Cards

Don't forget to send a card to all the special Mama's in your life. Charlie helped me make a few last night. He didn't quite get that he had to put some in the mailbox to send away....I think he wanted to keep them all!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Munchkins are growing up

I had mentioned that I was a mess on Sunday after a day of fun on Saturday. I wasn't TOO much of a mess to not spend time with my little littles. I can't squeeze them enough.

Ben is 9 mos next week. What the what??? And he is experimenting with food & trying to grab things. It's precious.

And look who wants in on the action too? I think we've pushed the "surfer dude" hair cut long enough...again.

I am looking forward to Mothers day and just squeezing these two all day long. That and maybe a yoga class.

Oh...and here's a sneak peek at some of the theme for Sa-Sa's bachelorette party.

Derbys, Hats & Fun

Oooh we almost missed the race. We forgot our hats & fancy outfits, but we made it to the Derby party to watch the horseys. (That's what Charlie called 'em) Luckily my gals were decked so here are some cute photos.

I was a mess on Sunday. Not real seasoned in these all day affairs anymore. But it was SOOOO much fun to play. Thanks Kentucky girls for hosting such a fun event. I'm already planning my outfit for next year.