Wednesday, May 19, 2010


First off - we have made it thru half of May. PHEW. We've had Mothers day, an Anniversary (see pic below of my treat from Jeff. Charlie wanted to cover up the flowers so that they weren't cold.) and a Birthday. (Jeff's was yesterday...) And a sleepover in Boulder with Moxie.

Thats only the 1st half of May.

Tomorrow is Charlie's 3rd birthday!!! We are having the family over and we're gonna have pizza & cake, both requests from the birthday boys.

We have managed to make a little progress. SEE!?!?! Two cabinets are actually PAINTED WHITE!
I won't let myself count how many more we have to go. There are 5 doors in the basement that only need 1 more coat - so that might actually happen in the next day or so. We could have 7 cabinets completed by the end of May. That makes me so happy.

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