Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hold, please...

My goodness is it B U S Y!!!!! If you saw me right now you'd say "bless her heart!" You know how they say that in the south cuz you just are a sweet mess??? Well, that is me this week.

I had the BEST mothers day. And then I had the next day off of work. I wish I could say it was filled w/ mani/pedis & massages & a long lunch with wine. It was actually filled with Charlie's hair cut, Ben's 9 mo appointment (he weighed in @ 17lbs 5.5 oz), a quick pop into the new Nordstroms rack, leftovers, wedding invite comp made & delivered, a run around Wash Park, grocery store & the wine store. PHEW!

THEN...real work has decided to not give me any free time to breathe. keep you busy...I need to share this blog.  This is just plain fun.

You can read about Tory Burch. I had no idea.

And you can read about our fav Sandy Bullock. FUN!

Thats all I had time for - so if you come across a good one, SHARE IT for pete's sake!

More to come. Just as soon as I can find my brain. I must have left it somewhere....


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