Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Need a chocolate fix?

Then please go here.
O MY GOODNESS...........

I was having a fight with myself on which photos to put up here to entice you go check this link out. Maybe there is a cupcake store on my way home tonight. Gotta go. Bye.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Custom shower invites

Babies & weddings & babies & weddings! It's spring and there are babies & weddings galore! Okay - maybe not glore but pretty darn close.

Here are a few customs invites that I am currently working on. Each new mama & bride is unique and we try to whip up a perfect invite for each occasion. From colors, to fonts, to the wording and the theme we can bring you tons of options. We aim to please around here.

I'm in love with Starbucks again

Apparently I'm easy to please. It was a nutty morning. Countertop guy came early to make the templates for the NEW COUNTERTOPS. (insert giant smile here) Charlie was quite the defiant little one not wanting to get a diaper changed or new clothes on. Luckily my mother in law was here and she & Ben just talked to each other on the couch while I dealt with our attack dog Marley and our 2.5 yr old. PHEW.

I was still smiling because did I mention the new countertops were being measured? Gone is the turquoise wall paper & border on the ceiling. The yellow cabinets are in the process of turning white. Soon the faux wood linoleum countertops will be a thing of the past! YIPEE

I decided to treat myself to a Starbucks after the wild morning and went thru the drive thru. I drove away and THEN realized that it was no-where-close to what I ordered. Enough that I parked and walked in to the Starbucks to make the exchange. The next thing I knew they were whipping up my grande non-fat hazlenut latte and the manager handed me a coupon for a free drink! I hopped into my car & drove happily away. They've got me hooked again. It's the little things.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Missing my camera!!!!!!!

Well....last wknd we had a little mis-hap w/ the camera. Everyone was ready to do a little yard-skiing with all the snow we got and then BAM! The camera got smacked and now it's outta wack. It's on it's way to the big manufacturer to see if it can't be fixed. Keep your fingers crossed that it won't be too spendy. We have our tax refund earmarked for our new countertops. There isn't a lot of room to squeeze out a new camera. I am going to try & grab Pops camera to use in the meantime.

Until then, here are a few little recent photos of the household. These are from our friend Jack B's 3rd birthday party. Everyone was a chef & you decorated your own cookie. It was soooo yummy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sometimes you've gotta drum up some inspiration. I have a few design projects coming up and needed some serious design juice. One project will have a Spanish theme and then the others just need a fresh new approach. Scouring the internet I came across a few fun things that I thought I should share. Now I want a hat like this nice ladys, I need to tile my bathroom with these tiles, and I think I could find a spot in my house for one of José's paintings without a problem.



José Manuel Merello
I am trying to find out more about him - but so far it's all in Spanish! 

After seeing these - this makes me want to go home & put on my blue vintage Spanish heels & have some sangria.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

STAMPS - don't forget this purty detail!

Your wedding invite or any invite for that matter is not complete with out a stamp! There are some simply gorgeous ones @ usps.com.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Best idea!

I absolutely LOVE this idea and can't wait to get a portrait of the pink hippo! I found this on another great blog www.designmom.com (very inspirational!) and had to share it w/ everyone.

Custom Toy Portraits
Jennifer Maher has developed a fabulous way to make your childs favorite toy last a lifetime. You take a picture of your childs favorite toy and she will develop it into a beautiful work of art! And I think for the price it's extremely reasonable for a custom piece of art. AMAZING! I'l be sure to share with you what she does with Pink Hippo!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ikea is coming! I didn't believe it. I hadn't heard anything since they announced plans to come to Denver a year ago. BUT!!!!! It's true! They are planning to be open Fall 2011. It's about a year & a half away. I THINK I can make it. I have big dreams for the kiddo's rooms....and IKEA might help make them actually come true. They can certainly stretch that design dollar. Not to mention the fact they have those yummy meatballs!


I don't know WHY I even bothered posting their website. (other than that's where I got the pic) You can't buy anything off it. But I will forgive them since they are actually coming to Denver.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sa-Sa & Anroo are gettin' murried!

My 3 yr old has called my sister & her boyfriend Sa-Sa & Anroo since he could talk. When Charlie first started saying fun words, Sally came out Sa-Sa and Andrew came out An-roo and it's stuck. 
I wonder how much they would kill me if I made their wedding invites with those names?

This photo was taken real close (if not exactly) to where they are going to tie the knot this summer in Crested Butte. They picked a beautiful aspen grove about a mile from town. Their dog, Moxie, was very busy romping around in the snow to be in this pic.
Lisa, Sally's bff from High School, is the talented photograper. 

August 28th just can't come soon enough!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Custom Baby Shower invite


Ruthie & Peter are expecting a little boy in May.
We can't wait to meet him!!!

My buddies who are hosting this fun event for Ruthie wanted to create a fun invite that incorporates 2 things. 1- Ruthies fab red euro van and 2 - TEAM RED! Thats what we call Ruthie & Peter cuz they both rock the red hair.  Combine that fun info w/ a baby on board sign and we've got an invite!

I'm working on some thank you's and other items to complete this fun theme. Stay tuned.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sick little little

 My 2.75 yr old (HA) has gotten the stomach flu. The reason I state his age so precisely is for the fact that he simply hasn't ever had the flu. Thus - when he happily put on his coat to go to the "taco store" (aka Chipotle) with me and just "threw up" we were both shocked. I thought it was a bad burp gone wrong. Then it happened all over our kitchen floor. But, I was still suspect. Then while we were resting on the couch the big ka-boom happened. It's official, Charlie has the stomach flu.

Do you ever stop being a rookie parent?

I'm at home w/ him today. Ben went to day care so I could focus on Cman. He made it thru the night w/o any other incidents. (phew). It's nap time and he's sound asleep in "mommy's bed" after watching a little Cars. They're so sweet when they're sick. Gotta go bust out the rest of Robin's save the dates while I have a napper.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Robin & Chris

I just dropped off the proof for Robin & Chris's save the date. SHE LOVES! Which makes me super super happy & giddy.

Robin & I met a few weeks back @ Starbucks and went over the details of their wedding. We talked so much we didn't even have time for a skinny latte. Robin and I talked about yellows & navy blues, how she likes polka dots & wanted to use their engagement pic. (which is sooooo gorgeous) Throw all those fun elements together, put it in a postcard format and..... wall-ah! (to quote a good friend)

I think it turned out great!

We are currently working on the invite...stay tuned.
This time, Robin & I are going to meet for vino.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Creating inspiration boards

We moved into our house almost a year ago. We've tackled a few things to get us comfortable. Refinished our hardwood floors, painted the main room & the den & hallway. Worked on the baby's room. Then we had BENSON and we took a break. ;) It's been sort of tough to work full time, run after 2 boys, cook, clean, and just live life and still find energy to have some creative thoughts about what to do w/ the house next.

One way to help regenerate the creavite juices is to make an inspiration board. I've been slowly filling up a folder on my computer with images that I've spotted on blogs, in magazines & such that speak to me. I complied a file with my top favorites. This has really helped me stay focused in what I'd like to achieve in our house.

Take a look at the kitchen & Charlie's room. We've got lots to do...but one day we'll get there! Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

I have room to place paint swatches once I get there.
Hardest part of the process if you ask me.

Here is where I found some of the pics & inspiration. The 2 women's blogs I think are super super creative women & very inspirational. Ohdeedoh is just a playground for ppl w/ children. I look at that blog DAILY!! It's like my "smokebreak"!

www.ohdeedoh.com (almost all of kids room inspiration photos & a few kitchens)
www.urbangracedesign.com (kitchen w/ ikat fabric)
www.marimekko.com (charlie's black spotted fabric)
www.leejofa.com (ikat fabric)