Monday, March 1, 2010

Creating inspiration boards

We moved into our house almost a year ago. We've tackled a few things to get us comfortable. Refinished our hardwood floors, painted the main room & the den & hallway. Worked on the baby's room. Then we had BENSON and we took a break. ;) It's been sort of tough to work full time, run after 2 boys, cook, clean, and just live life and still find energy to have some creative thoughts about what to do w/ the house next.

One way to help regenerate the creavite juices is to make an inspiration board. I've been slowly filling up a folder on my computer with images that I've spotted on blogs, in magazines & such that speak to me. I complied a file with my top favorites. This has really helped me stay focused in what I'd like to achieve in our house.

Take a look at the kitchen & Charlie's room. We've got lots to do...but one day we'll get there! Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

I have room to place paint swatches once I get there.
Hardest part of the process if you ask me.

Here is where I found some of the pics & inspiration. The 2 women's blogs I think are super super creative women & very inspirational. Ohdeedoh is just a playground for ppl w/ children. I look at that blog DAILY!! It's like my "smokebreak"!

Resources: (almost all of kids room inspiration photos & a few kitchens) (kitchen w/ ikat fabric) (charlie's black spotted fabric) (ikat fabric)


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hooray! i figured it out! ;)