Friday, March 5, 2010

Sick little little

 My 2.75 yr old (HA) has gotten the stomach flu. The reason I state his age so precisely is for the fact that he simply hasn't ever had the flu. Thus - when he happily put on his coat to go to the "taco store" (aka Chipotle) with me and just "threw up" we were both shocked. I thought it was a bad burp gone wrong. Then it happened all over our kitchen floor. But, I was still suspect. Then while we were resting on the couch the big ka-boom happened. It's official, Charlie has the stomach flu.

Do you ever stop being a rookie parent?

I'm at home w/ him today. Ben went to day care so I could focus on Cman. He made it thru the night w/o any other incidents. (phew). It's nap time and he's sound asleep in "mommy's bed" after watching a little Cars. They're so sweet when they're sick. Gotta go bust out the rest of Robin's save the dates while I have a napper.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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