Thursday, September 12, 2013

Zazzle Zazzle Zazzle

Working away in my very own Santa shop! I've put up a few designs I've created over the summer for the holidays. Kind of like my very own 2013 Holiday Collection!


More and more will be going up on* and onto my etsy site.

If you ever need a custom design or want to tweak something or have questions - JUST EMAIL ME!



Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Anybody there?

Hmmmm... seems that life has gotten the better of me & this blog. Where did an entire year go?

These two are the main culprits. They. Don't. Stop. Moving. (but I wouldn't have it any other way!)

I've been designing away and expanding my on-line cards over the past year. I will start to catch you up over the next few weeks as soon as I can get my head back on straight! (is that possible?)

Right now I'm busy building up my store.
You can check it all out here:

I'd received a few holiday cards last year that were printed thru and I was really impressed. I'm putting up Save the Dates, Holiday Cards, Shower invites and hopefully some stationery as well.
I just need to figure out how to cram in an extra few hours in the day to get it done.

I'll also have similar versions at my store should you not want to do all the work Zazzle has you do. Totally up to you!



Thursday, July 5, 2012

Special day, for sure!

I am sitting @ my desk @ work and feeling blue. My eyes are tired and exhausted and burning a little bit from all this smoke. (Weather has forced tons of smoke into the Denver area from the Wyoming fires)

Having a holiday in the middle of the week is tough on the brain. Am I in vacation mode or am I in decision mode? Those two mix about as well as oil & water.

Then I just saw this on Minted's blog:

There is a really fun blog post on showcasing some artwork. The special day pattern
is one of my designs. I can't tell you how GIDDY I am seeing it. I sooo
like it paired w/ all these other pieces of artwork that I admire. 


You can click on the photo above and see Special Day Pattern on
I need to go order up one for myself but I also want to get this one for Ben's room.

Sea Fever - Linda and Harriet
I just love it.

Art is truly in the eye of the beholder. There are so many amazing prints on
You should go check it out.

How to celebrate? 

Dark chocolate?
A REAL mani/pedi? (not my sad at home ones)
A new pair of flip-flops?
A "fancy" bottle of wine? (ahem - in the $10-$15 range is what I call "Fancy")


If you haven't checked out SF Girl by Bay - her blog is super cool.
I need to go say thank you to her. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rock the VOTE! (at

I know. It's 90 degrees outside.
Weird to be thinking about holiday cards in June.

But if you have a few minutes I would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you could vote on a few of my designs @

If you click on this link it will take you right to the Pink Hippo Prints entries.



Friday, June 15, 2012


The month of May Munn Madness and come and gone - and it spilled over a little bit into June. Charlie got a year older. We celebrated another year of holy matrimony. Jeff got a year older. I spent a weekend drinking wine Napa. Jeff spent a weekend sailing in Wisconsin. Charlie graduated from preschool.... this is just a sprinkling of what has really been going on. PHEW! I'm ready to sit and get some sunburn.

Here are a few iPhone photo dumps that make me smile.



New rug. (this had not been put down 4 min. before these 2 descended upon it)

Cameron came over for dinner ... and was given a hat to wear.

Breakfast date w/ Bing-Bong.

Pool-side in Yountville.

Checkin' out French Laundry's garden.

Cheese course @ Ad Hoc.

I have been burning the candles at both ends trying to get ready for MANY MANY MANY holiday card contests/submissions. It's so weird to be in the holiday spirit in June. While I tried my best to be ahead of the game - nothing could have prepared me for getting the flu while I was home with the kids sans Jeff or Grandparents. ROUGH. I did manage to get some designs going - but it definitely was not the ideal designing situation.

Voting starts next week - I'll be sure to keep you posted on what goes down - and I would absolutely love & appreciate any time you might have to log a vote or 2 for Pink Hippo Prints on


Thursday, April 5, 2012

I *HEART* Madeline Weinrib.

I have a slight obsession with most things interior. Fabrics to be specific. I fall in love with a new fabric everyday. Usually found on an amazing blog or in a great magazine. Sadly not many make it into my home. I tend to fall for the $300/yard kind or the $3k 4x6 rug. WHAT?

If you knew what a bargain shopper I really turned into you'd giggle at the fact that I even LET myself fall in love with gorgeous fabrics. I have yet to purchase a duvet cover as none even COMPARE to what is in my nutty designer head.

One designer that hits the spot is Madeline Weinrib.


If only she would design a line for Target. I'd pull hair and throw punches to get in line first.

Friday, March 23, 2012

SAVE the DATE on

Anytime I find out that one of my designs is for sale on it feels like Christmas! I get all giddy and giggly and twitchy and silly. Minted as just launched some new save the date designs and I'm so excited that one of my designs was included. YIPPEE!!!!

It's called CALENDAR PAGE. 

It's a really simple and clean design. 

You can just order the card or you can get ALL KINDS OF FANCY with
envelope liners and address labels and timelines. 

It's just so fun to see it live. Fun. Fun. Fun.
Hope it makes some bride happy out there!!!!!!!