Thursday, July 5, 2012

Special day, for sure!

I am sitting @ my desk @ work and feeling blue. My eyes are tired and exhausted and burning a little bit from all this smoke. (Weather has forced tons of smoke into the Denver area from the Wyoming fires)

Having a holiday in the middle of the week is tough on the brain. Am I in vacation mode or am I in decision mode? Those two mix about as well as oil & water.

Then I just saw this on Minted's blog:

There is a really fun blog post on showcasing some artwork. The special day pattern
is one of my designs. I can't tell you how GIDDY I am seeing it. I sooo
like it paired w/ all these other pieces of artwork that I admire. 


You can click on the photo above and see Special Day Pattern on
I need to go order up one for myself but I also want to get this one for Ben's room.

Sea Fever - Linda and Harriet
I just love it.

Art is truly in the eye of the beholder. There are so many amazing prints on
You should go check it out.

How to celebrate? 

Dark chocolate?
A REAL mani/pedi? (not my sad at home ones)
A new pair of flip-flops?
A "fancy" bottle of wine? (ahem - in the $10-$15 range is what I call "Fancy")


If you haven't checked out SF Girl by Bay - her blog is super cool.
I need to go say thank you to her. 

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