Friday, September 23, 2011

I've been Minted!

If you don't mind - I'd like to share something I'm SUPER DOOPER excited about.
After many, many challenges, many, many designs submitted, after many many heartbreaks (yes - so hard as a designer NOT to take things personally) I DID IT! (i sound like ben when he figures something out!)

My first design is officially for sale @ You can check it ouf for REALS here. I'm over the moon w/ excitement, gratitude, astonishment, and just plain tickled that I finally did it.

This is what I call "shoe shopping" news. Normally, after big accomplishments @ the real job, I like to feel like shoe-shopping after a great win w/ a client. Shoes are always good. With this economy though - the norm now is that I SAY it, but don't really do it. It still feels good to just "say" it. ;) Thinking about it goes a long way.

The cool thing about the Minted deal - is that it's REALLY ADDICTING. There are challenges going on all the time. I'm excited about throwing myself out there AGAIN. And AGAIN. And AGAIN. Keeps the design juices going.

Until then... I'm back to building my Etsy shop & surviving a 2 yr old & 4 yr old.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



I'm gonna try it out.

Stay tuned for more information. Or email me. Currently taking custom holiday orders now.

Until then ... how 'bout how time has flown???

Oct 2007. Charlie 5 mos. 
He looks SO EXCITED!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holiday 2011 SNEAK PEEK!

It's ridiculous.

But I have Holiday Cards for 2011 almost ready. Honestly - I think I am technically actually very behind. People usually have this stuff ready in the summer. I'm on it this year. So, for me, this is great!

Two things.

1-I'm offering up some fancy schmancy printed cards. Using a new printer this year. Exciting stuff. Thus the new 2011 designs. (** old designs still available of course!)

2-I'm working with a photographer this year and she is also offering Pink Hippo Prints designs. SARAH GODBY PHOTOGRAPHY! ( This woman is super talented and I feel lucky to be teaming up with her. You need to book her for those fantastic holiday shots. I know I do!

Sooo... tiny sneak peek.
Just a smidge so that you can still go & enjoy September w/o worrying about the Holidays quite yet.

Friday, September 9, 2011

GO VOTE! (pretty please)

That is just cranking out the competitions. I love them b/c it gets me to design. I do so much better w/ timelines. If it was left up to me....I'd probably be procrastinating. Or in a thrift store, at an estate sale or drinking wine on the porch.

Right now you can go and vote for your favorites and Minted will sell the winners. It's very exciting.

Mucho appreciated-o! Olé!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Inspiration No. 4

Aren't these paintings wonderful?

They are by Samantha French.

How to choose which one?

How to pick where they'd go in my house?

I just love them.