Monday, November 29, 2010


Pink Hippo Prints are now available at!



Head on over to the site to see a few designs that have popped up over there. These designs are only available @

I've just done a test run w/ this design (not available on the site) and the quality of the photos is EXCELLENT!

And it's fun b/c they offer both FLAT & FOLDED cards. You can choose.

Soon to be added:

Baby Announcements cards
Wedding Thank You cards




Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Almost Turkey day....

Oooohhh... I have the day off. And it's a selfish day off. I took the kids to Aunt Sharon's this morning. I've hit the post office. I took the jeep for an oil change. Now I'm at Starbucks enjoying a small hazelnut latte and playing on the computer until my Yoga class @ 10:30. Which will be followed by lunch @ SNOOZE!

The last few days have been busy w/ more orders.

I always have a helper.

And my current project is looking for kitchen stools.

You like?
Or what about these?

And I found these on a blog....and I would probably have to hit the lottery to afford 2 of them. *sigh*


We're getting far on the kitchen. We joked this summer when we started that we won't be done til Christmas. Ummm... Christmas is 1 month away. GULP! You can still see some yellow on the far left. But that's already gone b/c Jeff couldn't watch the horrible Bronco game last night. He said he'd rather be sitting in the dentists chair. Soo...we got a start on the cabinets around the window. (*yay!)

Gotta order up one of these for the window to make it look finished.

Okie dokie!
off to yoga.


Monday, November 22, 2010

If I had an apartment in NYC....

I would like it to be like this.

The framed art on the wall - amazing.

The original details.

I can't ever have enough subway tile. I wish I had the guts to put wallpaper up like this in my one-day-to-be-remodeled bathroom.

White Bed. I will never ever get to have while living with 3 fellas and a dog.

I'm such a wine girl. But I still want this. My grandmother would approve of the use of silver.
I wanna have late breakfasts in this kitchen. Coffee anytime of day would be amazing here. And can you just picture your party all hanging in the kitchen!?

Going to get more pictures on the walls. Might be my resolution for 2011. 

And I just ADORE this. You can NEVER have enufffffff photos of your family. I have tons of pictures in photo albums. Time to get some OUT.

**making mental note to go play lottery**

I'm more traditional than modern. Yet - I like modern stuff, too. This apartment has KILLER artwork and tons of family photos around. I could spend days on the couch flipping thru all these books. I love antique furniture combined with modern fabrics. AND I NEED TO GET INSPIRED ABOUT ALL THE ART ON THE WALLS!!! They just threw stuff up there and its so beautiful!!!

Don't get me started on this kitchen. I would get take-out just to eat in my kitchen.

The Selby - Kate & David Spade's apartment. nuff said.

new designs....

Here is a little peek at what I've been up too design wise.

I'm a busy busy elf! Ready for some turkey!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stickers! Stickers! Stick-it-to-em Stickers!

Do you know that Pink Hippo Prints does STICKERS?

YUP, we do.

No, really, we do.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just when you start to catch up....

someone decides that you are going spend a day in the bed under the weather.

Not good. No fun. Specially when all you hear are squeals & silliness from the other room that you know you are missing.  Benson's current adorable moment is he'll walk into a room and say "Hiiiiiieeeeeeeeee". Melts

Got a bit behind on these.
Those of you waiting on a custom order ... IT'S COMING! Thanks for being patient. 2010 is almost over.

And we are now officially on of THOSE families.
Charlie is obsessed with Christmas lights.

We now have them up 1 week before Thanksgiving.
I used to wonder why people did that.
Maybe they had a 3.5 yr old. ;)

I'm almost 100%.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finishing touches

Looky here.

We designed an invitation for a southern styled bridal luncheon and for a fall cocktail party. Nothing sez southern & food like a cast iron skillet! (can I pleeeaassee come to help eat the food?)

And nothing completes an invitation like a address label and a cute stamp! You can find these cute little labels @ OR I can design you some. (to match your invite of course!)

FYI - my invites & stationery come with the standard crisp white envelope. But there is an entire WORLD out there of colored envelopes. I know we could find the perfect color for you!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can't find your phone?


I can't find my phone - will definitely be used in our house. HA

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A great teacher or hostess gift!


Since Halloween is O-VA, it's official that the holidays are 'round the corner.

I think I have a 'lil treat that is perfect for your teachers or babysitters or favorite neighbors or hostess.

I have a few updated designs that I've picked out that might just be perfect for your customized gift. YUP! Custom. Sounds so fancy, doesn't it? THEN... I've added a fun colored marker to help spice up the gift. I just love markers. Fun stuff. 

Custom present.
Marker added.

Details coming.....
start making that list. And we'll get 'er done for you!
Then you'll have all the time in the world to make those BUCKEYES!