Monday, November 1, 2010

Almost back in business...

Friday I felt like this.

A bit overwhelmed. ;)

But you don't get time to sulk when you have 2 boys who are ready for Halloween!

We have Pit Crew for Lightening McQueen, Batman, and a butterfly.

This is dejavu for Charlie was Batman one year, too! Sorry Ben-Ben. You won't be a repeat every year!!!

But I don't think he minded. Do you see this FACE?

Oh yeah! Batman!!!!!!!!!

Somehow they always end up making these faces when they are together.

Cool dude showed up. This is what happens when it's too hard to get costumes on & off for diaper changes. Ta-da!

Next day - we carved pumpkins. This is the face you make when you get in trouble for dumping dirt & leaves into your cleaned out pumpkin. 

We hit a neighborhood party. There was a boat & somebody was excited about it.

Then it was time to trick or treat...but we found the cutest little piglet on our doorstep!

Oh my.

Lots has changed in a year. (15mos to be exact!)

Munn Pumpkins 2010.
Jeffs, Abby's, Ben's (by Jeff), Charlie's on right.
Charlie designed it & Jeff carved it.

All in all a GREAT halloween weekend. I practically have forgotten about all our house - woes. 
(except that I can hear them drilling right now...)


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