Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just when you start to catch up....

someone decides that you are going spend a day in the bed under the weather.

Not good. No fun. Specially when all you hear are squeals & silliness from the other room that you know you are missing.  Benson's current adorable moment is he'll walk into a room and say "Hiiiiiieeeeeeeeee". Melts

Got a bit behind on these.
Those of you waiting on a custom order ... IT'S COMING! Thanks for being patient. 2010 is almost over.

And we are now officially on of THOSE families.
Charlie is obsessed with Christmas lights.

We now have them up 1 week before Thanksgiving.
I used to wonder why people did that.
Maybe they had a 3.5 yr old. ;)

I'm almost 100%.

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