Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Almost Turkey day....

Oooohhh... I have the day off. And it's a selfish day off. I took the kids to Aunt Sharon's this morning. I've hit the post office. I took the jeep for an oil change. Now I'm at Starbucks enjoying a small hazelnut latte and playing on the computer until my Yoga class @ 10:30. Which will be followed by lunch @ SNOOZE!

The last few days have been busy w/ more orders.

I always have a helper.

And my current project is looking for kitchen stools.

You like?
Or what about these?

And I found these on a blog....and I would probably have to hit the lottery to afford 2 of them. *sigh*


We're getting far on the kitchen. We joked this summer when we started that we won't be done til Christmas. Ummm... Christmas is 1 month away. GULP! You can still see some yellow on the far left. But that's already gone b/c Jeff couldn't watch the horrible Bronco game last night. He said he'd rather be sitting in the dentists chair. Soo...we got a start on the cabinets around the window. (*yay!)

Gotta order up one of these for the window to make it look finished.

Okie dokie!
off to yoga.


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