Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Holy Moly! It's only the middle of January and I can't keep up with it.
Working on that constant challenge of balancing LIFE w/ WORK.
Have you seen these amazing mom's do it?

Warning - don't get sucked in! It's quite addicting and inspiring.

For Christmas I'd hoped for some little gift cards so that I could go get my make-up done. The fancy way. The way that you do when you're about to get married. I haven't done that since our wedding almost 7 years ago. A friend told me about a class taught by this fancy gal:

I loved it! She walked you thru how to put on the makeup yourself. While I need LOTS of practice it was totally fun. I spent those gift cards and then some but it was worth it! AANNDD it's made me try & make time for myself in the AM.  Let me re-phrase that - make an EFFORT. 

Oooohhhhhhhh and one last fun thing. This came in the mail last week:

I had a first generation nano that I only used for running or traveling. Apparently it was recalled. We sent it in and got THIS BAD BOY back! HOLY MOLY it's ah-mazing. It has a touch screen, radio, music, that crazy NIKE trainer app (luv) and a bunch of other stuff I don't know how to use. Yet. Mama's got her running partner back. ;)  

And yes, I'm STILL reading the Steve Jobs book.

Friday, January 13, 2012

For the record...

I am officially 1/2 way thru the 500+ page Steve Jobs book. I am loving it. LOVING IT! But alas - my days are packed and my eyes can only stay open for about a chapter a night at the most. I am sooo gonna finish before spring!

Random: I've had 2 grapefruits this week? WIERD?


1- 2012 resolutions. I've got them in my head - need to put on paper to make me ownable. ;)

2- A sweet birth announcement.

3- LETTERPRESS wedding invites. (ohhhh this is such a fun project)

4- MINTED. Designs are up for voting! Please go vote if you have time! I've linked each design below to get you to the right area on the website ... hoping that helps. There were ALOT of amazing submissions. 

I actually have a few more save the dates in the contest .... but my window for blogging today is closing. How does it go so fast? I also have a few pieces in the Art contest. It was a productive week off over the holidays! ;)

And there are a few more art submissions, too. Who was I over the break? A maniac apparently.