Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Holy Moly! It's only the middle of January and I can't keep up with it.
Working on that constant challenge of balancing LIFE w/ WORK.
Have you seen these amazing mom's do it?

Warning - don't get sucked in! It's quite addicting and inspiring.

For Christmas I'd hoped for some little gift cards so that I could go get my make-up done. The fancy way. The way that you do when you're about to get married. I haven't done that since our wedding almost 7 years ago. A friend told me about a class taught by this fancy gal:

I loved it! She walked you thru how to put on the makeup yourself. While I need LOTS of practice it was totally fun. I spent those gift cards and then some but it was worth it! AANNDD it's made me try & make time for myself in the AM.  Let me re-phrase that - make an EFFORT. 

Oooohhhhhhhh and one last fun thing. This came in the mail last week:

I had a first generation nano that I only used for running or traveling. Apparently it was recalled. We sent it in and got THIS BAD BOY back! HOLY MOLY it's ah-mazing. It has a touch screen, radio, music, that crazy NIKE trainer app (luv) and a bunch of other stuff I don't know how to use. Yet. Mama's got her running partner back. ;)  

And yes, I'm STILL reading the Steve Jobs book.

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