Friday, October 29, 2010


on tolerance this week.

so much so that i don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I'm REALLY REALLY REALL pissed off!!!!!!

And i'm also REALLY REALLY REALLY freaked out!!!!!

the combo drove me to arby's for some potato cakes that i could dip in their bbq sauce. it brought back comfy memories of high school when you could eat fast food w/o guilt.

I also got a diet dr. pepper. you know - to off-set all the calories. ;)

why do you ask?????

Last week Ben-Ben got a double ear infection. Work was crazy. We got it handled. I felt a little "hey I can actually handle this kind of stuff!" I should have know better.

This was followed by "The heat is out again" said to me by Jeff as I walked in the door after a long day of work. SUPER.

This is Ben dressed up in all his Patagonia so that he can sleep in a house w/o heat. ;) LITTLE TROOPER!

The heat issue was followed by our suspicions being realized after the Roto-Rooter said "Your sewer line has been compromised." I wanted to rip his head off. But what actually happened was the second I shut the door on him I burst into tears.


I've got some designs to crank on.
I've got some "stuff" to get together.

But first I'm going to get my priorities in line and finish up some Firemen costumes for these 2 fellas.

Afterall - they deserve to have this thing called "childhood".

Now...where's that wine opener....??????

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Team Terch

Have you ever heard of TTTS?

It's Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. It affects 1 in 7 monochorionic (shared placenta) pregnancies and, if left untreated, has a near 100% mortality rate.

My friend Nicoles little boys, Blake & Parker, were diagnosed with TTTS at their 20 week appointment and in their remaining 17 weeks were quite literally a fight for their lives.

Nicole and her husband, Tyler, were referred to Lonnie Sommers and his foundation - Fetal Hope - by friends who had lost twins to TTTS. Fetal Hope helped them secure the finest Doctors and expert medical staff which helped the boys overcome this syndrome. As the weeks progressed, Blake & Parker became stronger and were eventually born in the 36th week.

Nicole and her husband, Tyler, vowed to help raise awareness and fund for foundations like Fetal Hope to help other families dealing with this syndrom.

On Nov. 14th, 2010, there is a RACE FOR FETAL HOPE 5K in Washington Park. Nicole & Tyler are organizing TEAM TERCH and I am helping them w/ a logo for their T-shirts! Nicole is figuring out what color t-shirts but this is the logo that they will wear during the race. The ER signifies Ella & Reese Mackey who were the twin girls that their friends lost. This is a little way to honor them.

I think these T-shirts will definitely help raise some awareness! Don't you!?

You can sign up to be on TEAM TERCH. SIGN UP HERE!!  Make sure you pick Team Terch in the TEAM drop down. Nicole & Tyler are great people and their children are even more amazing! Any support you can throw their way would be wonderful.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Amazing Birthday Cake!!!

We hopped over to Baby Towne's 1st birthday party on Saturday. Oh so fun to celebrate turning ONE! It's a celebration for the parents as well as the little one for sure.

We walked into Townes house to find THIS sitting in the middle of the table!

It's from D Bar Desserts and Jana had them match her invites she had made from Pink Hippo Prints!   SO FUN! SO HONORED! AND... it was delish carrot cake. YUM!

I think they matched it pretty well! Don't you!?

Party hats are ALWAYS a hit. Although our friend Jack is not happy at the moment. ;(


The leaves have been falling - and someone is a bit obsessed with jumping into the piles.

So is this guy.

Working on a great hostess / teacher gift idea... check back, kay?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

love, love, LOVE at the moment...

I have had a great day of web-wandering today. Much needed after about 2 weeks of non-stop-cranking-out-the-work. (work of which I can eventually share with you!)

My current design crush is Kelly Wearstler. AH-mazing! Dear me oh my she is over the top fabulous. I would of course have to re-design my entire house to make it work. But I would if I could. (insert imaginary sugar daddy here)  I see designs like hers and I just get that "ooohhhh I wanna do that" feeling! Shall I mention she's a mother, too? 

My current book obsession is that Girl-Dragon book that I'm sure most of you have already read. If you haven't you need to. It's a page turner. I can barely keep my self from ignoring my children and grabbing a glass of wine and locking myself in my room to read. I keep telling Jeff to read it and he reminds me that I've already told him - about 30 times. 

We have carrots coming out our ears at our house from our sweet neighbor across the street. So many carrots I'm not sure what to do w/ them. Then my "best-not-really-my-friend" friend (The Pioneer Woman) had a roasted carrots recipe. DONE.

And I wouldn't be me w/o some shoe or boot obsession. I haven't really decided on the whole ankle boot thingy - but these might be the ticket to get me to cross over. I won't bore you with the "do I go grey or brown" but if you have an opinion I would like to know.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yesterday at work (the real job) I was given 2 tickets to the Nuggets. WHAAAAAHHHHOOOO!!

Shhh... I haven't told Jeff yet. Linnie & Pops are going to come over to the casa tonight and just show up! To which I'll tell Jeff that we have a date night! I'm going to have to get clever because he could put it together. He's usually the one with the trickery. I think I'll say we're going to dinner downtown - and that might throw him off the trail.


Sadly - we're going to have to tell Charlie a little lie. If we tell him where we're really going - he's gonna freak out. So most likely we'll say "were going to the Mall". That worked once. He actually said that we'd better go because there might not be any parking spaces. OH - thanks Charlie! ;)

Chauncey: "Hey Man, Jeff & Abby are coming to the game tonight!"
Melo: "HA! HA! Whatever - they never get out"
Chauncey: "NO, really, they'll be sittin right behind us!"
Melo: "Oh man, I better step it up tonight. How's my sweatband look?"
Chauncey: "Sexy, man..."

See ya tonight, Melo & Chauncey! (see - they are so excited to see us...)

Friday, October 15, 2010

I got inspired...

by what I found on my friends desk.

THIS was sitting on her desk. A friend had ripped it out of a magazine and gave it to her thinking it might be a cute idea for her little girl. I was hopping around the office and happened to pass her cube. We got talking and I spotted this ADORABLE GOLDFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I got to thinking...I need to try & make this for Ben-ben. ;) Isn't it adorable? I don't know what magazine it was ripped from to give proper credit. If you know - let me know. They might have more ideas!!!

Are you making any halloween costumes this year? What are you going to do/be?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Last year we hit this patch (our fav) but we went after a frost and there were SAD SAD squishy pumpkins. They had to truck in good pumpkins.


He looks perplexed but he just didn't like sitting on the ground. Prickly pumpkin stuff.

Professional pumpkin picker. Very excited.

I got them to sit still for 2 second.... then they were hopping over every pumpkin they could.

Very very happy hubbin. Wait til you see the sizes we picked this year. (to post later)

This is what happens when I say "go hug your brother so that I can take a cute picture of you two."

And this is what happens every year. We aren't even out of the farm and he's OUT. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back up just a bit....

My personal assistant quit (ha) so I'm a bit behind in our day to days.... but here's a little account of what we've been up to this fall.

We headed to the barber shop not long after this pic was taken. ;) Hairy boys. But I love 'em!

Our Saturdays have been filled with 9am soccer games. Right there is Coach Dad. 

Right here is classic want to do whatever my brother is doing... 

First weekend in October we scooted up to Grand Lake for some last minute fall fun.
It was clean out the garage day... and while that doesn't sound like a lot of fun to most folks, you get to hang out in the Dune Buggy while Uncle Scooty & Daddy do all the work.

This boat is for sale. ;)

WHOA. We figured that this was last cleared out about 20 years go. It was time.

No weekend is complete with out a little kayak ride on GL. Highlight this time was finding a dead *Hairy* fish. 

The aspens were beautiful!

Got a few finishing touches on the garage. Jeff made this back in the day. I love it and think it's perfect above the garage!

Me and my fellas. It was a great quick trip.

Until on our way down to Denver we saw this plume of smoke.

Scary scary stuff when you're this close to it. We drove over Berthoud in a cloud of smoke. I think this fire is out now...but it was not fun to see so close to GL.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Current obsession....

These watches by Michael Kors.
(must be the P-Runway obsession...)

This duvet from PB.

But spiced up with these pillows. From Anthro.

And these bags. Luv.

And I think the HUBS needs these.

Ahhh...dreaming about shopping for fall. I keep dreaming...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Need to share....

Do you know about this?

I love outlets - especially JCREW outlets.

Sadly ... our money is being put to TWO of THESE this month. The joys of parenthood. A cute top would have been waaayyy more fun.

GO to HUGE SALE! That %15 off really saved us a BUNCH! If you are in the market for a booster seat - go get one! Free shipping!?!? Love that.

Tonights dinner (or tomorrows....) because we are going to a neighborhood party. (we're so wild!)
Once again - this woman will make me look like a rockstar. They won't look as pretty as this but they will be delish!!! (at least I hope so b/c I'm going to make 'em w/ ground turkey) EW? or YAY?

I did find a few new blogs this week that I really like. Here they are if you need some inspirations surfing this weekend.