Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Team Terch

Have you ever heard of TTTS?

It's Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. It affects 1 in 7 monochorionic (shared placenta) pregnancies and, if left untreated, has a near 100% mortality rate.

My friend Nicoles little boys, Blake & Parker, were diagnosed with TTTS at their 20 week appointment and in their remaining 17 weeks were quite literally a fight for their lives.

Nicole and her husband, Tyler, were referred to Lonnie Sommers and his foundation - Fetal Hope - by friends who had lost twins to TTTS. Fetal Hope helped them secure the finest Doctors and expert medical staff which helped the boys overcome this syndrome. As the weeks progressed, Blake & Parker became stronger and were eventually born in the 36th week.

Nicole and her husband, Tyler, vowed to help raise awareness and fund for foundations like Fetal Hope to help other families dealing with this syndrom.

On Nov. 14th, 2010, there is a RACE FOR FETAL HOPE 5K in Washington Park. Nicole & Tyler are organizing TEAM TERCH and I am helping them w/ a logo for their T-shirts! Nicole is figuring out what color t-shirts but this is the logo that they will wear during the race. The ER signifies Ella & Reese Mackey who were the twin girls that their friends lost. This is a little way to honor them.

I think these T-shirts will definitely help raise some awareness! Don't you!?

You can sign up to be on TEAM TERCH. SIGN UP HERE!!  Make sure you pick Team Terch in the TEAM drop down. Nicole & Tyler are great people and their children are even more amazing! Any support you can throw their way would be wonderful.


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