Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yesterday at work (the real job) I was given 2 tickets to the Nuggets. WHAAAAAHHHHOOOO!!

Shhh... I haven't told Jeff yet. Linnie & Pops are going to come over to the casa tonight and just show up! To which I'll tell Jeff that we have a date night! I'm going to have to get clever because he could put it together. He's usually the one with the trickery. I think I'll say we're going to dinner downtown - and that might throw him off the trail.


Sadly - we're going to have to tell Charlie a little lie. If we tell him where we're really going - he's gonna freak out. So most likely we'll say "were going to the Mall". That worked once. He actually said that we'd better go because there might not be any parking spaces. OH - thanks Charlie! ;)

Chauncey: "Hey Man, Jeff & Abby are coming to the game tonight!"
Melo: "HA! HA! Whatever - they never get out"
Chauncey: "NO, really, they'll be sittin right behind us!"
Melo: "Oh man, I better step it up tonight. How's my sweatband look?"
Chauncey: "Sexy, man..."

See ya tonight, Melo & Chauncey! (see - they are so excited to see us...)

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