Friday, October 1, 2010

Need to share....

Do you know about this?

I love outlets - especially JCREW outlets.

Sadly ... our money is being put to TWO of THESE this month. The joys of parenthood. A cute top would have been waaayyy more fun.

GO to HUGE SALE! That %15 off really saved us a BUNCH! If you are in the market for a booster seat - go get one! Free shipping!?!? Love that.

Tonights dinner (or tomorrows....) because we are going to a neighborhood party. (we're so wild!)
Once again - this woman will make me look like a rockstar. They won't look as pretty as this but they will be delish!!! (at least I hope so b/c I'm going to make 'em w/ ground turkey) EW? or YAY?

I did find a few new blogs this week that I really like. Here they are if you need some inspirations surfing this weekend. 


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