Friday, October 29, 2010


on tolerance this week.

so much so that i don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I'm REALLY REALLY REALL pissed off!!!!!!

And i'm also REALLY REALLY REALLY freaked out!!!!!

the combo drove me to arby's for some potato cakes that i could dip in their bbq sauce. it brought back comfy memories of high school when you could eat fast food w/o guilt.

I also got a diet dr. pepper. you know - to off-set all the calories. ;)

why do you ask?????

Last week Ben-Ben got a double ear infection. Work was crazy. We got it handled. I felt a little "hey I can actually handle this kind of stuff!" I should have know better.

This was followed by "The heat is out again" said to me by Jeff as I walked in the door after a long day of work. SUPER.

This is Ben dressed up in all his Patagonia so that he can sleep in a house w/o heat. ;) LITTLE TROOPER!

The heat issue was followed by our suspicions being realized after the Roto-Rooter said "Your sewer line has been compromised." I wanted to rip his head off. But what actually happened was the second I shut the door on him I burst into tears.


I've got some designs to crank on.
I've got some "stuff" to get together.

But first I'm going to get my priorities in line and finish up some Firemen costumes for these 2 fellas.

Afterall - they deserve to have this thing called "childhood".

Now...where's that wine opener....??????

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