Wednesday, October 20, 2010

love, love, LOVE at the moment...

I have had a great day of web-wandering today. Much needed after about 2 weeks of non-stop-cranking-out-the-work. (work of which I can eventually share with you!)

My current design crush is Kelly Wearstler. AH-mazing! Dear me oh my she is over the top fabulous. I would of course have to re-design my entire house to make it work. But I would if I could. (insert imaginary sugar daddy here)  I see designs like hers and I just get that "ooohhhh I wanna do that" feeling! Shall I mention she's a mother, too? 

My current book obsession is that Girl-Dragon book that I'm sure most of you have already read. If you haven't you need to. It's a page turner. I can barely keep my self from ignoring my children and grabbing a glass of wine and locking myself in my room to read. I keep telling Jeff to read it and he reminds me that I've already told him - about 30 times. 

We have carrots coming out our ears at our house from our sweet neighbor across the street. So many carrots I'm not sure what to do w/ them. Then my "best-not-really-my-friend" friend (The Pioneer Woman) had a roasted carrots recipe. DONE.

And I wouldn't be me w/o some shoe or boot obsession. I haven't really decided on the whole ankle boot thingy - but these might be the ticket to get me to cross over. I won't bore you with the "do I go grey or brown" but if you have an opinion I would like to know.


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