Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back up just a bit....

My personal assistant quit (ha) so I'm a bit behind in our day to days.... but here's a little account of what we've been up to this fall.

We headed to the barber shop not long after this pic was taken. ;) Hairy boys. But I love 'em!

Our Saturdays have been filled with 9am soccer games. Right there is Coach Dad. 

Right here is classic want to do whatever my brother is doing... 

First weekend in October we scooted up to Grand Lake for some last minute fall fun.
It was clean out the garage day... and while that doesn't sound like a lot of fun to most folks, you get to hang out in the Dune Buggy while Uncle Scooty & Daddy do all the work.

This boat is for sale. ;)

WHOA. We figured that this was last cleared out about 20 years go. It was time.

No weekend is complete with out a little kayak ride on GL. Highlight this time was finding a dead *Hairy* fish. 

The aspens were beautiful!

Got a few finishing touches on the garage. Jeff made this back in the day. I love it and think it's perfect above the garage!

Me and my fellas. It was a great quick trip.

Until on our way down to Denver we saw this plume of smoke.

Scary scary stuff when you're this close to it. We drove over Berthoud in a cloud of smoke. I think this fire is out now...but it was not fun to see so close to GL.

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