Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite pics of 2010 Christmunn

OH FUN! Making christmas cookies for Santa in your helicopter jammies. 

The magic of the season!!!!

The twinkle of the lights.

The fun of exploring.

Enjoying family!

Always trying for that fabulous family photo!

Looking out for Santa & his sleigh.

Christmas morning delights!

Excitement over little things.

Giving the thumbs up - happiness all around!

Remembering to take the time to take the pictures that melt your heart!

Capturing special holiday moments.

And trying to wait patiently for what's still ahead in 2011....

Funny faces!

Saying goodbye to things w/ a smile.

Streching the season a few more nights.

Best wishes to all and may it be an AMAZING 2011!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Channeling KATE, KATE, KATE!

I am working on holiday cards for next year. I found these inspiring photos for Kate Spade Holiday 2010. SO FUN & SO COLORFUL!!!!!!!

If only I could stop procrastinating.... I keep cleaning which means I'm officially procrastinating. When my house is messy - that means I'm I being creative. My house is really clean right now. ;(

Monday, December 27, 2010


a shower very soon!?!?!?!?

Here is a new shower invite design. ;)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


We got our Christmas cards addressed & stamped & labeled & OUT!! And so far only 2 have come back. I think that's pretty good. ;)

We did 2 cards this year - one folded & one flat. I tested them out with the new company I've been working with. and I was super pleased with the printing & the pricing. I think you will be too!

I like looking at peoples wish lists & gift guides. I never have time (or money) to shop so it's always fun to look thru these.

(over the top - makes me want to be in Palm Springs)

Always makes me want to be a good mommy.

Always makes me want to live in the city & do cool stuff.

If we hadn't bought a furnace and there was any $$$ left over in the XMAS fund... these things might find their way to my house. Actually - I did purchase something in this grouping. Can you guess what it is? 

Fabulous Kitchen & Kitchen Stools - &

The Wonder Bar - a new face soap that I kinda am loving.

UGGS - yes - I know. But they are comfy & I love them.

A new black Kooba bag.

Cute slippers from Hanna Anderson. I wish I could get Charlie or Ben to wear these.

Anna Weatherly Spring in Budapest Sugar & Cream bowl. 
(I promised myself I would get out the pretty china for Christmas this year... fingers crossed)

And I'd also like to have this photo. Please. My smiling Ben-Ben.
Love him.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last 4 downloads....

It's fun to find new music.

Here's the last 4 downloads I made....... in no paticular order......

Bruno Mars: Just the way you are

Sara Bareilles: King of Anything
(I don't know why but I love her songs)

Sea Wolf: Middle Distance Runner

FINK: sort of revolution
(i heard while @ yoga and stalked the teachers iPod for the song!)

What have you downloaded that you LOVE?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NOT missing in action

Just burried under LONG TO DO LISTS!!!

If I had time... I'd do this craft.


See how happy they are. I'd be that happy if I got to make this and hang it over my mantel.
Sadly - I still need to finish up Ben's stocking.


1- new shower invite (I just can't share yet b/c she would read this & I want her to get it in her mailbox first)

2- xmas tree photos - we got it up - and then it fell down in the middle of the night. The angel for the top is MISSING???? 

3- OUR XMAS CARD - it's here! getting stamps today!

4- Xmas eve menu planning. WHAT TO MAKE? WHAT TO MAKE!?

5- Charlie asks me every morning why Santa didn't bring him any presents. Time to break out THE ELF! I wonder what he'll name him. I wonder if I'll survive another heartbreaking 12 mornings before the 25th actually gets here.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Is this post still considered relevant? I got it in within a week of the actual Thanksgiving. I say it counts. Especially because we had such a nice time!!!

We FROZE but we had a nice time.

First we had to try on our winter gear. Somehow I got them to love on eachother! ;)

Then the Carey's joined us for the 1st annual (ha) Turkey Hunt! They were EXCITED!

We won't tell Ben that he technically didn't hunt this year. 

Off to find the TURKEYS!

I think they spotted one...

There is is!

Approaching the wildlife carefully.

Speaking of wildlife..... SMOKED TURKEY! Uncle Anroo hooked us up w/ a special smoked turkey. It was delish!

Finally remembered to take a pic w/ my hubs. Gotta do more of that or Ben/Charlie will think they are orphans.

Nothing like a cozy nap on Thanksgiving. ;)

Don't ask me why but these seems to always happen...... someone gets stuck in the tunnel. (look at Ben's face - it's like he's saying "my uncle is wack!")

Charlie helped make everyone pilgrim hats.


Nothing ends Thanksgiving like licking the beaters. 


They are flying.....