Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Is this post still considered relevant? I got it in within a week of the actual Thanksgiving. I say it counts. Especially because we had such a nice time!!!

We FROZE but we had a nice time.

First we had to try on our winter gear. Somehow I got them to love on eachother! ;)

Then the Carey's joined us for the 1st annual (ha) Turkey Hunt! They were EXCITED!

We won't tell Ben that he technically didn't hunt this year. 

Off to find the TURKEYS!

I think they spotted one...

There is is!

Approaching the wildlife carefully.

Speaking of wildlife..... SMOKED TURKEY! Uncle Anroo hooked us up w/ a special smoked turkey. It was delish!

Finally remembered to take a pic w/ my hubs. Gotta do more of that or Ben/Charlie will think they are orphans.

Nothing like a cozy nap on Thanksgiving. ;)

Don't ask me why but these seems to always happen...... someone gets stuck in the tunnel. (look at Ben's face - it's like he's saying "my uncle is wack!")

Charlie helped make everyone pilgrim hats.


Nothing ends Thanksgiving like licking the beaters. 


They are flying.....

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