Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NOT missing in action

Just burried under LONG TO DO LISTS!!!

If I had time... I'd do this craft.


See how happy they are. I'd be that happy if I got to make this and hang it over my mantel.
Sadly - I still need to finish up Ben's stocking.


1- new shower invite (I just can't share yet b/c she would read this & I want her to get it in her mailbox first)

2- xmas tree photos - we got it up - and then it fell down in the middle of the night. The angel for the top is MISSING???? 

3- OUR XMAS CARD - it's here! getting stamps today!

4- Xmas eve menu planning. WHAT TO MAKE? WHAT TO MAKE!?

5- Charlie asks me every morning why Santa didn't bring him any presents. Time to break out THE ELF! I wonder what he'll name him. I wonder if I'll survive another heartbreaking 12 mornings before the 25th actually gets here.

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