Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite pics of 2010 Christmunn

OH FUN! Making christmas cookies for Santa in your helicopter jammies. 

The magic of the season!!!!

The twinkle of the lights.

The fun of exploring.

Enjoying family!

Always trying for that fabulous family photo!

Looking out for Santa & his sleigh.

Christmas morning delights!

Excitement over little things.

Giving the thumbs up - happiness all around!

Remembering to take the time to take the pictures that melt your heart!

Capturing special holiday moments.

And trying to wait patiently for what's still ahead in 2011....

Funny faces!

Saying goodbye to things w/ a smile.

Streching the season a few more nights.

Best wishes to all and may it be an AMAZING 2011!!!


Andrew Lowell said...

This was awesome, what a great Christmas! Looking at these made my post-holiday blues go away for a moment! Happy New Year!

mrs chux said...

love this montage!