Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holiday 2011 SNEAK PEEK!

It's ridiculous.

But I have Holiday Cards for 2011 almost ready. Honestly - I think I am technically actually very behind. People usually have this stuff ready in the summer. I'm on it this year. So, for me, this is great!

Two things.

1-I'm offering up some fancy schmancy printed cards. Using a new printer this year. Exciting stuff. Thus the new 2011 designs. (** old designs still available of course!)

2-I'm working with a photographer this year and she is also offering Pink Hippo Prints designs. SARAH GODBY PHOTOGRAPHY! (sarahgodbyphotography.com) This woman is super talented and I feel lucky to be teaming up with her. You need to book her for those fantastic holiday shots. I know I do!

Sooo... tiny sneak peek.
Just a smidge so that you can still go & enjoy September w/o worrying about the Holidays quite yet.

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