Thursday, April 5, 2012

I *HEART* Madeline Weinrib.

I have a slight obsession with most things interior. Fabrics to be specific. I fall in love with a new fabric everyday. Usually found on an amazing blog or in a great magazine. Sadly not many make it into my home. I tend to fall for the $300/yard kind or the $3k 4x6 rug. WHAT?

If you knew what a bargain shopper I really turned into you'd giggle at the fact that I even LET myself fall in love with gorgeous fabrics. I have yet to purchase a duvet cover as none even COMPARE to what is in my nutty designer head.

One designer that hits the spot is Madeline Weinrib.


If only she would design a line for Target. I'd pull hair and throw punches to get in line first.

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