Friday, June 15, 2012


The month of May Munn Madness and come and gone - and it spilled over a little bit into June. Charlie got a year older. We celebrated another year of holy matrimony. Jeff got a year older. I spent a weekend drinking wine Napa. Jeff spent a weekend sailing in Wisconsin. Charlie graduated from preschool.... this is just a sprinkling of what has really been going on. PHEW! I'm ready to sit and get some sunburn.

Here are a few iPhone photo dumps that make me smile.



New rug. (this had not been put down 4 min. before these 2 descended upon it)

Cameron came over for dinner ... and was given a hat to wear.

Breakfast date w/ Bing-Bong.

Pool-side in Yountville.

Checkin' out French Laundry's garden.

Cheese course @ Ad Hoc.

I have been burning the candles at both ends trying to get ready for MANY MANY MANY holiday card contests/submissions. It's so weird to be in the holiday spirit in June. While I tried my best to be ahead of the game - nothing could have prepared me for getting the flu while I was home with the kids sans Jeff or Grandparents. ROUGH. I did manage to get some designs going - but it definitely was not the ideal designing situation.

Voting starts next week - I'll be sure to keep you posted on what goes down - and I would absolutely love & appreciate any time you might have to log a vote or 2 for Pink Hippo Prints on


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