Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sa-Sa & Anroo are gettin' murried!

My 3 yr old has called my sister & her boyfriend Sa-Sa & Anroo since he could talk. When Charlie first started saying fun words, Sally came out Sa-Sa and Andrew came out An-roo and it's stuck. 
I wonder how much they would kill me if I made their wedding invites with those names?

This photo was taken real close (if not exactly) to where they are going to tie the knot this summer in Crested Butte. They picked a beautiful aspen grove about a mile from town. Their dog, Moxie, was very busy romping around in the snow to be in this pic.
Lisa, Sally's bff from High School, is the talented photograper. 

August 28th just can't come soon enough!!

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