Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm in love with Starbucks again

Apparently I'm easy to please. It was a nutty morning. Countertop guy came early to make the templates for the NEW COUNTERTOPS. (insert giant smile here) Charlie was quite the defiant little one not wanting to get a diaper changed or new clothes on. Luckily my mother in law was here and she & Ben just talked to each other on the couch while I dealt with our attack dog Marley and our 2.5 yr old. PHEW.

I was still smiling because did I mention the new countertops were being measured? Gone is the turquoise wall paper & border on the ceiling. The yellow cabinets are in the process of turning white. Soon the faux wood linoleum countertops will be a thing of the past! YIPEE

I decided to treat myself to a Starbucks after the wild morning and went thru the drive thru. I drove away and THEN realized that it was no-where-close to what I ordered. Enough that I parked and walked in to the Starbucks to make the exchange. The next thing I knew they were whipping up my grande non-fat hazlenut latte and the manager handed me a coupon for a free drink! I hopped into my car & drove happily away. They've got me hooked again. It's the little things.

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