Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow'd IN!

Well... maybe my last post was some of a *sign* as to what was ahead for me!? Jeff & I had the day off together (rare) and we decided to go skiing in Winter Park for the day. That quick day-trip turned into about a 36 hr mini-get-away / sorta freak out / back to back ski days for us! (SANS LITTLE PEOPLE!)

Due to adverse weather conditions and a missing snow boarder (RIP - oh gosh my being stuck seems so insignificant) Berthoud pass & I-70 closed. We were forced to call the grandparents (THANK GOODNESS THEY WERE IN TOWN!) and have the keep the fellas for the night b/c we were NOT making it home.

Then of course the next day - it was still snowing and the pass was still closed. So we had no choice but not to ski again. I really can't remember the last time I skied back to back days. CRAZY.

AND... of course I didn't have my camera. But you really don't want to ski a shot of me trying to ski thru trees & down Drunken Frenchman that my lovely husband took me down. You really don't.

Needless to say - I'm behind behind behind on some updates. Those are coming.

• a wonderful baby shower
• sneak peek at some Christmas designs for 2011 holiday season! (it's right around the corner - HA!)
• weddings, weddings, weddings! YIPPEE
• more house updates....

Until then... cop a squat and have yourself a good day!


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