Monday, March 7, 2011

Treasure hunt... now over for table!

I have a giant passion for "hunting for treasure" in fun places like estate sales, antique stores, thrift shops, and garage sales. It's rather addicting. (and garage sale season is right around the corner!) Ever since we had Charlie (3.5+years ago) I've been on the hunt for a little kids table. Wood. Used. Well-used, actually!

I really do like some modern ones - but I am trying very hard to buy as little "new" as I possibly can. Just seems nicer to the environment - not to mention my pocket book.

All week - a voice in my head kept saying "you need to go check out the shop on N. Wadsworth, like, RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Finally - I had a day where I could get out @ lunch and I headed up there. I barely turned the car off when I spotted the lil' table & sweet chair! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

Of course - the negotiations needed to happen. I had a price in mind - but when the owner offered me $10 less that what I was hoping for it was ALL I could do to keep my big mouth SHUT. (I don't have much of a poker face) I took it. And it's already been well received at home.

What I didn't anticipate at home is how much it's disrupted our "dinners" (not that the monsters ever sit at the table like perfect angels). They usually start @ the little table - and then see us @ the big table and we have to move them both over. Whatever works so that they eat, right?!? Uhg.

I'm still looking for 2 more chairs - the less they match the better. And I'm also on the hunt for a great mirror for above the fireplace. I always have to have something to hunt for. You need me to look for anything??? ;)

As you can tell - the table is a BIG HIT! It got a thumbs up. That's big time, folks.

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