Friday, March 11, 2011

Funnnnn Stuufffffff

Happy Friday!

I'm busy busy busy desiging for more contests & stuff. (*glup - still haven't heard anything) ;) Got some fun birth announcements in the werks. (HA-u know who you are) AND... have a big wknd planned!

First - this is FUN! I can't wait to show Charlie & Ben and get them hooked on TYPOGRAPHY!

Speaking of ZOO's ... I think we are headed this weekend to this even @ the Denver Zoo. They are having National Thai Elephant day on Sunday. You have no idea how many pieces of broccoli that C&B have taken down b/c they think they are eating "Trees" just like the elephants. 

I've never uploaded a video before. This video is 3 min long and well... you know who are the stars of it. Soooo view @ your own risk.


I am sooo obsessed with this fabric. I don't know if  it's the graphic designer in me that is so in love w/ this trellis or what. Needless to say it's a smidge too expensive for moi. (HA) 


(home & garden)

I am thinking these for my first attempt at making curtains. What do you think?



mrs chux said...

Denver Fabrics has VERY similar fabric to this. I almost got some in a turquoise... :), ljb

mrs chux said...

oh, and announcements. me? hee hee