Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Minted - the shower contest!

I told ya - showers, showers everywhere!

I'm throwing myself into the ring again (gulp) w/ some new designs in the latest Minted Design Challenge. (gulp, again)

Some designs you may recognize. Some new - some old - some refreshed. It's fun to go back to designs and re-work. It's fun to see them take on new looks.

There are some super dooper talented designers that have submitted great designs. Go to minted.com and you can vote for your favs. Winners will be sold on Minted.com. PERFECT!


Andrew Lowell said...

Did I miss the voting?????

Abby said...

I don't think so! ;)

Andrew Lowell said...

This is what appears at the top of the page when I click on the "vote" button:

Voting is now closed, and we are tallying up scores. The winners, as voted by the community, will be sold on Minted.

What's up?

Abby said...

oopsie ... maybe it IS closed. humph. i don't know when it ends - so fingers crossed. i might need to drink some of your fun new beer to calm nerves while waiting!