Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We've been trying to get Charlie up on ski's since he was born and finally got up on the hill over Presidents day weekend!

The skies were classic Colorado blue-bird and the weather was pretty darn fantastic!

I'm really not sure who had more fun??? Ben or Charlie. Ben stomped around like he OWNED Solvista.

This first run was a bit tricky - I'm not sure who learned more, Daddy or Charlie. ;)

Just because this guy didn't have skis didn't mean he was going to miss a thing!

He just marched up that bunny hill to see what the heck his big brother was doing.

Getting those ski legs figured out.... and luckily still liking it.

It was soooooo bright - we had to get this guy some shade. These lovely lenses were the last ones available in his size. I think he rocked 'em!

Tap! Tap! Tap! (funny how many things a lil' guy has to figure out)


We had a great day!!!

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