Monday, March 21, 2011


It's SO NICE to be working on something other than the KITCHEN!
(I need to post finished pictures)

Charlie has been patiently waiting for his "Lightening McQueen" room. (EEKS)
Jeff & I have had our work cut out for us accomplishing this idea with out really making it an McQueen room. I know the movie Cars 2 will come out this summer - and Charlie will GO CRAZY. Hoping that this idea suffices.

Work in progress....

Magnetic chalk board wall ;)

Has to dry for 3 full days..... you have no idea how many times I have busted young C sneaking in chalk. This morning I noticed chalk on the collar of his t-shirt - meaning he'd stuffed it under there thinking I wouldn't notice.

This wall will be ORANGE.

This fabric will make a roman shade on the chalkboard wall.

(let's be honest - aka - sweet Jeff is almost done)

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