Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I might be crazy.....

I've had it.
In order to make the jeans fit properly it's time for drastic measures.

Tracy is getting me back in shape.

I am getting off coffee and having wine on a limited basis for the next 90 days. Plus following her diet. Plus doing cardio & matt workouts.

I should probably repeat something: NO COFFEE AND LIMITED WINE!

WHOOOo do I think I am?

I should also probably mention that the box arrived about 2 weeks ago and sat on my kitchen table.
Sooo...I am only on day 3.

A co-worker of mine made me a little surprise to keep me motivated. It made me laugh so hard. Then the blonde hair kinda freaked me out so I colored it. ;)

Jeff & the boys have been troopers. Everytime I break out the sweet potato and corn "pudding" the boys usually want some, too. It's been a TON of prep work and planning to make sure my meals are made and the fellas have a good dinner, too.

I made this just like full plate blog did. Was kinda fun to break out the Cuizinart!

Charlie "helped" me. 

I got inspired by all these meals she makes her kids.

I found a blog that is super helpful.
If you check it out you can see what some of the weeks meals are (pics above are from Full plate blog) and then some amazingly great options for little people. Eila is my new hero. My guys ate roasted asparagus happily on Monday night. LOVE THAT! And I introduced Charlie to pepitas. He loved 'em.

this has been rather time consuming as of late. I'm hoping that it gets easier as the weeks go by. I'm so overwhelmed w/ all that you have to do I haven't even really thought of what I'm missing or what restaurant I want to go to for a "GOOD JOB! TREAT".

(sushi den of course is always in my mind) ;)

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