Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun photos & summer bike time!

I am very excited for this summer yet a little nervous. We sat down and looked over the family calendar and there is something going on EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND THRU SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!

Bachy party (MIAMI!!!!!!!!)
Sailing (multiple weekends)
U2 concert (the make up one from last year)
6 YR anniversary
Someone's 40th (not mine!)
Someone's 4th 
Someone's 2nd
A trip to Creede w/ friends (long weekend)


Thank goodness Miz Tracy (tracyandersonmethod.com) is getting me ready. I'm on week 2 and already feel SO GOOD. I'll be looking like this in no time. (ha ha yeah right)

Tracy's meal plan had me shopping for nothing but fruit, veggies & proteins. (last night @ 7pm) She's even managed to get me to cut my wine in-take in HALF. I really didn't think that was possible. 

But it's true what she says...
I HAVE GUILT! GUILT! GUILT! But I'm trying really really hard to give this my best shot.
Now...... that worked real well for the first 8 days. I found the balance and got it done no matter how many times Charlie watched me do my sit-ups or leg lifts and told me I was doing it wrong. ( He watches the video and tells me the Tracy is doing it THIS WAY. Thanks Charlie)

Last night was a prime example of sometimes something has to give. Normally I'd had prepared a bit - but we got a call telling us we got in at the last minute to a 5:45 swim class @ the Y. I flew outta work to get Charlie @ school, Jeff grabbed Ben and then got the swim bag from home. We all met @ the Y (with 5 min to spare I might add) and jumped in the pool! WHEW! The we had to get dinner - CHIPOTLE. This was my first real test of diverting from the meal plan - and I think I did a pretty good job. I had the "salad' with chicken, black beans and tomato salsa. That was it. AND IT WAS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was so hard not to eat the quesadillas. SO HARD.

Essentially my run around Wash Park and quick jaunt to the grocery store went out the window.

But we're back on track today. 

Right after our first ever parent - teacher conference. (*GULP*)

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