Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is funny (to me) but the headline of my last post did NOT really add up to what I ended up talking about!!! I meant to tell you about a fun experience we had taking some family photos. And about this new find on craigslist.... but got babbling about Mz. Tracy Anderson. OOPSIE.

PHOTOS! We are in love w/ Katie Thurmes and her amazing photography skillz. She's simply AHHH-mazing. You can check her stuff out at Tree Swing. She put on an amazing workshop and needed a family to show the participants how it all goes down. I don't think I hesitated for 1/2 a second when she asked us to participate. DONE! Here are a few photos:

The photos above were taken by one of the participants, Megan Alverez.
Her website/blog has some great photos of kids & engagements, etc. She's very talented!

This one is from the AWESOME Laura Koupal.

It was the best day - and hottest so far! 80 degrees in early April!?!?
If you need a trick to get your kids to pose - break out suckers. My boys
did anything once they got suckers. HA HA.

We also have new fun neighbors - and they had one of those carriers that you hook onto your bike and tow the kiddos. I honestly thought I would never want one of those. Then our neighbors broke theirs out and said "lets bike to pizza" or "lets bike the kids to ice cream". Well... I melted. (no pun intended)
Sharpend my craigslist skills and found one.
Someone thought he could hook up his bike w/ training wheels and pull us around. ;)

That grin is ridiculous.

Ahhh... the kitchen can just be enjoyed now.

And I've been eating things like this! VEGGIES!
I am on day 11 of Tracy Andersons Method. (and I think I kinda like it????) WHAAT?

We've been planting in the front yard. C wanted to have his lunch by the new plants.

WALLPAPER OFF THE WALL in the master. Love you Mr. Jeff!!!

Have NO IDEA what color to paint the room. But I do love this bed. ;)
Better play the lottery this wknd.

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