Thursday, April 15, 2010

Capturing memories

I do love to take photos and always have the best intentions of making scrapbooks. I have a love hate relationship with that as it takes so much energy & time & prepping. Scrapbooks seem better aimed at capturing those big memories like birthdays and holiday and such. I like to remember the little things, too.

A good friend told me about this 10 year journal. I know, I know - a journal sounds just as overwhelming as scrapbooking. But this journal is aimed at you writing down only a few sentences a day to capture the essence of what went on. Not a novel. Then, you can look back on say April 14th and see what you did each year.

For example: The kitchen is about to be turned into a construction zone so we opted to go out to dinner. We hit up a local pizza joint. I was 1/2 way into my glass of wine when I turned to watch Ben throw up his 5:00 bottle. All 6 oz of it! Jeff turned to the waitress and asked for our food "togo!" And off we went!

Who doesn't want to remember a night like that? ;)

I wish I would have had one when Jeff & I were dating and could look back to the days we got engaged and married and found out we were expecting. We started our journal about 2 months before Charlie was born. It's already filling up.

You can order yours here.

I think this is a wonderful gift to an engaged couple or new family. It's a realistic way to capture the little things you don't want to forget. Like the other day, when Charlie decided that he was going to put himself to bed. He said "don't follow me, I can do it all by myself" and walked to his room. Big boy! He's changing so fast. I had to write that down to keep forever.

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